Winter Trend Alert: Moderate Maximalism

Maximalist style favours a bold use of colour, textures and decorative pieces to create highly saturated and patterned spaces.   It’s a brave design style that requires careful skill and a complete conviction to successfully pull off.

Says Amanda, “ I wouldn’t recommend any clients go down the maximalist path without using a professional to help pull the design together – there are way too many things that can wrong with combining that many layers, textures and patterns.

 “I do think though, that this season, we are starting to see a subtle nod to maximalism across a number of pieces and we’ve introduced what I’m calling ‘moderate maximalism’ to the store this season.”

Our moderate maximalism approach is a great opportunity to introduce pattern and bold colour into any space – you just need to apply an easy hand with what you introduce and how.

Our beautiful Sage x Clare and Kip & Co collections are a great way to do that. 

 Pop a patterned throw on your sofa or bed, add a bold clutch to your outfit for the day or go all out with a variety of patterns and colours on your bed linen in an otherwise white or neutral room.

 Shop our favourite moderate maximalist looks below:

Sage x Clare cushions and throws in-store and available to order.

Sage x Clare Bruno Quilt Cover and Pillowcases (Marigold)

Mosey Me The Garden Quilt Cover paired with Kip & Co Sweet Stripe Throw