How To Layer Scents

I love it when friends walk into my home and say "it smells like the shop in here". Indeed it does! Having your own bespoke, signature smell is such a comfort and is entirely achievable through scent layering.

In a nutshell, scent layering is where you combine fragrances to create a scent profile that's unique to you. Take two fragrances and use them in the same room to create your preferred profile. The secret to scent layering success? Make sure you combine from different scent families!

There are four main scent families:
🌸 Floral scents
🍃 Woody or earthy scents
🍊 Citrus or fresh scents
🕯️ Oriental type scents

At home, I've combined our Vanilla and Caramel Soy Melts with a Sage and Driftwood Santorini Candle = bliss (and yes, it smells like the shop!).

Try combining scents from different families and see how you go. Choose from our range of candles, essential oils, reed diffusers, soy melts, bath soaks and room sprays now available in-store and online :)