One On One With Amanda

We sit down with Hali Home owner, Amanda and chat about the new Hali Home Brisbane store and her design inspiration.

How did Hali Home come to fruition?

I have worked as a freelance marketing and pr consultant for over a decade now specialising in the retail, tourism and events sectors.  I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with a number of national brands and had a very successful career to date but then the dreaded COVID hit in 2020.  With all of my clients in retail and or events, every single project that I had was postponed or cancelled.

At first it was panic stations but then I thought I’d use the time to take some breathing space.  We had experienced an awful three years. We built a home and our builder skipped to another state before the house was finished, my mum had sadly passed away and my workload was diabolical, so some time off actually sounded quite refreshing!

It was honestly the best time.  Yes money was a worry but the time spent with my family and away from project work really allowed me to think about what I’m passionate about and what I would like my purpose in life to be. 

I’d always spoken about my retirement dream of owning a homewares store. While I was taking my COVID forced work break, I discovered a little online store was for sale from a beautiful lady in Sydney.  One thing led to another and we bought the business.

 I don’t think my husband expected that I would actually progress my dream but clearly I had time on my hands!!


How would you describe your style?

I just love the Palm Springs style and think it’s perfectly suited to our Queensland lifestyle. Indoor and outdoor living, relaxed drinks poolside and embracing sunshine are quintessential characteristics of the Sunshine State right? 

Hali Home definitely is a reflection of my personal style, loosely inspired by Palm Springs vibes.  The shop has a pure white base, white washed floors, lots of light and space with  splashes of colour in our products and artwork.

How do you decide what to buy for the shop?

I don’t overthink it really, I just buy things that I would like in my own home.  I don’t bother too much with trends and researching what’s in.  I think if it fits with our aesthetic, and I would buy it – it’s in!

What’s your advice for people looking to add a Palm Springs type vibe to their home?

Start with a nice white base and build your look from there. The beauty of the Palm Springs style is its simplicity so don’t over clutter your spaces with furniture and nic naks – invest in key feature pieces and keep it simple.

Anything coastal or Palm Springs style needs texture and you can’t go wrong with natural fibres. Think jute or bleached timbers, soft textured rugs and cushions and relaxed linens.

My number one tip though is don’t be afraid of colour.  The true Palm Springs style features perfectly placed pops of colour so don’t be afraid to introduce some colour into your home through accent pieces and artwork.


See the new Hali Home store at 88 Bay Terrace, Wynnum or shop online at