To Chop or Not? Cushion Styling FAQs

In case you couldn't tell by our entire wall of cushions, I LOVE cushions. They are a great way to introduce texture, warmth and colour into your home and best of all, allow you to affordably mix up your style and look each season.

I get a lot of questions about cushions so here's a few of the common FAQs answered for you below!!

Q: What's the best type of insert?
A: This is completely a personal preference but I generally opt for feather inserts. We offer diferent inserts instore but you will see that our feather cushions look plumper, feel nicer and sit better on your sofa or bed.

Q: How many cushions should I have?
A: Again a personal preference but if you have too many cushions clustered together, you will lose impact and it will be annoying to move them to sit or go to bed! 2 or 3 should be your limit and opt for varying sizes and textures so they don't look too "same same."

Q: Should I "chop" my cushion?
A: Ha! I think The Block might have kicked that one off but no, I'm not a fan of the chop. I prefer the cushion to sit more naturally and look less staged. Give your cushion a soft plump and be done!